Do you need pest control?


Ask your pest control company to provide digital monitoring.

RAT1 provides real-time monitoring of rat boxes and issues an alert the moment rodent activity is detected.

RAT1 patented sensor solution distinguishes between rats and mice.

RAT1 can be used with monitoring blocks, bait traps and poison. Thus, RAT1 is the market’s most flexible monitoring solution.

With RAT1 you are always up to date/one step ahead. Pest control measures can start immediately, thus minimizing the risk of rat infestations and associated:

  • Closure of production/store
  • Discarding of products/stock
  • Recall of products
  • Loss of reputation

With RAT1 you are always ready for inspections. RAT1 provides a total overview and documentation of rodent activity and pest control measures.

  • RAT1 supports environmentally friendly pest control
  • RAT1 reduces by-catch of protected animals
  • RAT1 reduces use of poison
  • RAT1 reduces unnecessary driving