Offer the most intelligent pest control to your customers

RAT1 provides real-time monitoring of rats boxes and issues an alert the moment rodent activity is detected.

RAT1 patented sensor solution distinguishes between rats and mice.

RAT1 can be used with monitoring blocks, bait traps and poison. Thus, RAT1 is the market’s most flexible monitoring solution.

RAT1 communicates wirelessly through NB IoT data networks, ensuring coverage wherever RAT1 is placed. All RAT1 devices are directly connected to the RAT1 software.

With RAT1 you are always up to date/one step ahead. Pest control measures can start immediately, thus minimizing the risk of rat infestations.


RAT1 is easy to use

RAT1 is plug and play. Turn on RAT1 – scan QR-code with your phone/tablet – place the rat box.

The RAT1 software portal runs in internet browser or as APP and provides control over all boxes.

RAT1 software (PC/tablet/smartphone,Win10/Android/iOS) provides a complete overview of:

  • The locaion of rat boxes
  • Activity in the rat boxes (rats and/or mice)
  • Pest control measures initiated (traps and/or poison)
  • Efficacy of pest control measures

RAT1 has 5-10 year battery life

RAT1 portal can be set to automatically alert on text message/mail when there is new activity at a customer location. You can set a timeframe for receiving messages.



RAT1 monitors everything

RAT1 can seperate activity from rats, mice, snails, etc., and thereby avoid false alarms.

RAT1 can monitors activity in:

  • Rat boxes with monitoring blocks
  • Rat boxes with poison
  • Rat boxes with bait traps and provides information on:
    • faulty traps
    • type of catch (rats or mice)
    • activity in the box after catch or faulty traps

RAT1 can be used without a rat box, for example indoors along walls, on cable trays or other places that are difficult to reach.


RAT1 and big data

RAT1 can provide early warning via big data, even before rodents are detected at a customer.


RAT1 ensures environmentally friendly pest control

Use of RAT1 supports an environmentally friendly pest control

  • RAT1 reduces by-catch of protected animals
  • RAT1 reduces use of poison
  • RAT1 reduces unnecessary driving


RAT1 can’t get lost

RAT1 has built-in GPS tracking. If the box is moved, you can always find it.